Cannabis Reality Television

Cannabis Reality is Cannabis in the Northwest.

We are in the development phase for the production of a reality television program being broadcast over the internet. The basis of this series will be the daily life in a new cannabis business established in Portland, Oregon and the interactions of the owner with his friends, employees and industry guests.

The agenda of the show is educational and entertaining. We intend to interview and promote every cannabis MMJ Dispensary and REC Store in the Portland and Vancouver, Washington areas. Along with this would be coverage of large growers and processors in the area. Various cannabis events and meetings are intended to be covered. In addition, our CannaTixx ticket brokerage gives us an inside look at the sports and concert scene.

Join us as we launch our Reality Television Series



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Cannabis Reality Promo – 9:05

45 Second Cannabis Reality Promo

Jessica Joins Cast of Cannabis Reality

Jessie Tells All

Recap of Saturday Night – 8-20-16

Raw footage for Cannabis Reality Series

Raw footage 5-12-16 @ 1:30 PM

Raw footage 5-12-16 @ 10 AM Cannabis Reality Series

Raw footage 5-12-16 @ 10 AM

Daily Footage 5-12-16 2 AM

Daily Footage 5-12-16 2:44 AM

We will be uploading more footage to the private subscriber section on a daily basis. This will be accessible for the 2 $50,000 subscribers.